Samantha M. Profile Thumb

Samantha M.

3 days ago

the staff is wonderful! they are very friendly and helpful. I have lived here for a little over a year and its a good place for student living

Dalanda O. Profile Thumb

Dalanda O.

5 days ago

Good because it is an affordable place to live in but things could be exponentially improved a lot by continuing to make efforts and working towards a better environment

Yousra R. Profile Thumb

Yousra R.

5 days ago

It’s pretty good. I like how I don’t have too many roomates. Sometimes the trash is outside but I don’t deal with that so that’s fine. I wish there was more security because one time my car got broken into. Other than that staff is pretty accommodating and chill.

Alianna R. Profile Thumb

Alianna R.

6 days ago

So far I've really enjoyed living here at University Village, the staff in the front office are so nice and have great customer service! The maintenance people are great too and always come within a day or 2 when a request has been to fix whatever needs fixing.

Chloe C. Profile Thumb

Chloe C.

9 days ago

University Village is a nice place to move into for people who have just moved out of their parents house. It teaches you responsible, by taking out your trash to the dumpster, being respectful to the people below you, and gives you a place filled with people around your age group that you can get to know and make friends with.

Thank you so much Chloe! We appreciate your feedback a lot and we are glad to hear that things are going so well!

Kyra R. Profile Thumb

Kyra R.

12 days ago

My apartment community is pretty nice. It’s pretty clean but someone has been leaving their dog’s poop in plastic bags on the ground. Other than that I like it a lot.

Thank Kyra! If you see trash in the future please let us know and we will come grab it! We do our best to see this stuff as it happens but if we miss anything we are happy to address it right away!

Maya P. Profile Thumb

Maya P.

13 days ago

Helpful and great service and maintenance but slight issues with security, especially the gate. Gate is open at late hours and sometimes doesn’t close for days.

Thank you for the feedback, Maya! We are working on the gates now and we are hoping to have a solution soon!

Skyler P. Profile Thumb

Skyler P.

13 days ago

I love that the complex recycles.. that's something that I haven't been able to find in any other apartment complexes around the area. I love the amount of space that the rooms provide!

Thank you Skyler! Let us know if you need anything.

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